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SINGLE COPY is a poetry collection that never leaves the print shop, since it will never be printed. This poetry collection can not be found on the shelves of bookstores and it is not available for loan at libraries.


SINGLE COPY will not be read during boring bus rides or in parks on sunny days.

This poetry collection exists on the walls of the VAULT of the A-Gallery throughout the period of exhibition and will be read by people who come to visit the show.

Perhaps a line will be remembered by someone and will then be repeated to someone else, perhaps someone will learn a poem by heart or perhaps it will be forgotten completely after the exhibition. One thing is for sure, this is a collection without a traditional print run, it is a single copy poetry collection that will never be stacked in boxes, hidden away under someone’s bed.

The poems are given the form of jewellery by combining the techniques of laser engraving and acid etching.

In his texts Teevet looks at the world from a very personal perspective, focusing on his memories, problems and sensorial-philosophical discoveries.

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