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At the heart of the work is a search for structure and system: mapping the possible perceptions of the universe and the choices to be made at the crossroads of worlds, at the intersections of realms.
It is a journey into the depths of human consciousness, trying to formulate something that cannot be put into words, given that words that summarize what is experienced through neurological impulses have yet to be formulated.


You're standing in front of a never-ending bookshelf,
and you can reach for any book.
You can pick a book by its cover,
by the thickness of the binding, or by the words written on the spine.
You turn the book right side up.
Upon opening the book to any page, you begin to examine its contents.
What will the lines within reveal?


Exhibition took place at Tallinn Art Hall as a part of Estonian Academy of Arts Graduation Show TASE23. 

Taavi Teevet was awarded Young Applied Artist Prize.

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