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The "Centrifuge" series utilizes a proprietary metal casting method developed through extensive experimentation.

Over five years of working with various casting techniques, including traditional methods like sand and lost wax casting where the primary objective is to produce an exact replica of a model in metal, it was time to explore a technology where the final outcome is largely influenced by the conditions intentionally established.

The series' name, "Centrifuge," symbolizes its technological innovation and the main physical force essential for achieving the desired casting results. The technique involves pouring molten metal into a rotating mold, generating centrifugal force to keep the metal in motion until it solidifies. This continuous movement, along with gravity and rapid cooling, enables the capture of the metal's visual attributes of flow in its solid state.

Experiments have been carried out with various shapes, including flat plates, half spheres, cones, and rectangular tubes, and with diameter sizes ranging from 10 cm to 2 m. The materials used include aluminum, different copper alloys such as tin bronze, silica bronze, brass, and silver

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