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1. Energy cannot be created or destroyed; it can only transform from one form to another

and be transferred from one body to another.

2. Sometimes at night (when the need to piss or lingering fears wake me up), I become

acutely aware of our rotation, and sleep eludes me for hours. I lie in bed, staring at the

junction where walls meet ceiling, spinning in unison with everything around me.


"CENTRIFUGAL" is an insight into metal artist Taavi Teevet's experimental author

technique, where the artwork's ultimate shape is not solely dictated by the artist's vision

and adeptness, but also by the scenario he orchestrates for the interplay between the

inexorable laws of physics and the whims of chance.


Unlike traditional casting methods, "CENTRIFUGAL" eschews repetition. The artist sets

the stage, chooses the actors, and signals the commencement of a play, but as soon as

the performance begins, he steps back. The molten metal, poured into a spinning

mould, solidifies under the dominion of constants, the motion ceases, but its essence



"At the moment I hold the crucible, brimming with molten metal, in a kiln at 1200

degrees, all possibilities lay before me. Nothing is set in stone. The mould begins to

move. I shut off the gas, open the kiln, and extract the crucible. Switching tongs, I let

loose a cascade of molten metal. The material flows, finding the mould, beyond my

control now. All decisions and potentials merge into a singular future artifact. In this

moment, questions vanish," Taavi Teevet reflects.


3. We cannot say what reality is, we can only describe how it appears to us. —

Gaston Bachelard.


In "CENTRIFUGALS," one might sense the primordial dilemma of the cosmos — to

change or remain unchanged, but just as well, one might decide that it is simply a

stopped motion.

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